Menu of our Products

As you know, we have a ranch and are currently pasture raising pork, beef,  lamb, chickens and eggs.  Pasture raising means allowing the animals to be animals.  The pigs are in wooded & grassy large pens with mud wallows and all the amenities a pig could dream of. The sheep and cows are in grassy pastures roaming free with provided shelters. The chickens are out from sunrise to sunset grazing in our olive orchard wherever they please.  They come in to roost and lay when they like throughout the day.  Both the chickens and pigs are receiving a wide variety of produce discarded from local stores to supplement their diets.  The pigs get leftover dairy products from local dairies.  All animals have a base grain diet too.  Also, they are all antibiotic free.


chicken eggs @ $6/dz

duck eggs @  $6/half dozen

We also have extra virgin olive oil fresh from our orchard $12/ bottle


ground pork          $8/lb

Breakfast sausage  $12/lb

Italian sausage       $12/lb

bacon                    $12/lb

Pork chops            $12/lb

tenderloin              $12/lb

Pork butt steaks     $10/lb

Spare ribs              $12/lb


ground                   $8/lb

NY steaks             $22/lb

tri tips                   $16/lb

Ribeye                  $25/lb

Chuck roast          $12/lb

Filet mignon          $28/lb

Flank Steak           $12/lb

London Broil         $12/lb

Iron Steaks          $10/lb

Siroloin Tip         $12/lb

Eye of the Round $12/lb

Beef Shank         $8/lb

Beef Short Ribs   $12/lb



Merguez Sausage $13/lb

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