The Gooch Family at their Wyland Orchards Ranch

The Gooch Family at their Wyland Orchards Ranch

The Story of Wyland Orchards…

“Growing up as a city kid, I always dreamed of having a ranch someday.  I wanted to have land to produce my own food and enjoy the animals.  Our goal has always been to raise pastured animals that can live a healthy and high quality life.  My wife and I looked all over Northern California for just the right setting for this dream.

In 1999 we found an old cattle ranching property in Petaluma.  Along with building our home here, we decided to plant Tuscan varietals of olive trees with the intention of producing olive oil.    As the olive orchard matured we started to realize our ranching dreams with a small flock of sheep.  We used the sheep to graze and fertilize the orchard.

Over the years we continued to develop our farm by adding flocks of chickens.  The chickens are free to roam & graze the orchard.  In addition to the sheep and chickens we have added cattle and pigs.  We provide all of them with a natural and spacious environment that is free from antibiotics and hormones.  They are supplemented with a wide variety of organic produce from local stores and growers.  As a result, you can taste the quality and excellence in our products.

Wyland Orchards is proud to offer you the best local, fresh and pasture raised olive oil, eggs, pork lamb and beef.  Our customers can rest easy knowing the they are making the right choices for their family’s health and the environment when they choose our products.”

Jason Gooch, Wyland Orchards Ranch Owner

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  1. Hi, we just ate some filet steak I got from you at the farmers market in Petaluma last tuesday, and it was wonderful. You said that you deliver. We are in Pengrove and would like to see a list of what you have. Thanks

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